Founded in 1995, the University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing team is a student-led design-build team that has designed, built and raced solar powered vehicles for over 25 years. Most recently in October 2019, the team finished their 10th generation vehicle, Viridian, and succesfully raced in the 2019 World Solar Challenge.

Now a team of over 50 diverse, talented students, Blue Sky Solar Racing continues to help push the limits of sustainable vehicle design, while also providing valuable learning and technical training opportunities in the process.
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Who are we?
All the members at Blue Sky Solar Racing are undergraduate students at the University of Toronto. Being a multi-disciplinary project, the team welcomes students from all disciplines. While the majority of members are from the engineering department, students with a commerce, architecture or computer science background are all playing important roles.

It is common for people to join this team with zero experience because this is where our rigorous training process comes into play. With 27 years of experience behind us, the team has accumulated knowledge and experience to bring new members up to speed. What awaits is then a two-year journey of demanding but exciting creation and hardwork until they reach the finish line in Adelaide, Australia.
We strive to inspire and train students with real, applicable skills to help them excel in the work space.
We seek to extend our passion and work in technology and science to the greater community.
We aim to drive innovation in the field of renewable energy and vehicular design.
SINCE 1995
Designed to maximize efficiency, each car is a precise balance between many factors like material weight, solar cell chemistry and telemetry systems. As a result, the process is long and challenging, with each vehicle undergoing two years of rigorous research, simulations and testing before its finally ready to drive and race. The end result is well worth it - a finely tuned, high-performance machine, weighing less than 1/3 the average F1 car and often capable of reaching top speeds of over 100 kph, running entirely on solar energy.
Development Cycle
Every one of our cars are typically designed within a two year long cycle, beginning and ending with our participation in the World Solar Challenge, a biennial 3,022 km race spanning the entirety of the Australian continent.

First established in 1987, the World Solar Challenge is designed to push the capabilities of each solar car and its crew to their absolute limits in the outback, driving a route from Darwin to Adelaide over the course of 5-6 long days. Often considered the worlds most influential and prestigious solar car challenge, it attracts competitors and news coverage from all over the world, with university teams from over 20 different countries.For Blue Sky, the World Solar Challenge marks the ultimate culmination of two intense years of hard work. From training new recruits to testing our cars on the road, each World Solar Challenge completed is a testament to the passion of our team.
Outreach and Media
To us, Blue Sky is not just about developing a fast and efficient car, but also about sharing all the experiences and skills we learned along the way. Since our founding, over 300 students of all academic backgrounds have been proud to call themselves part of the Blue Sky team, and we are constantly looking for more ways to inspire and reach out to the next generation of professionals.

In addition to our outreach events, our work is often featured in many university-wide and national publications.

We also maintain a consistent social media presence, with thousands of viewers and followers across our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Website!

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